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I love Clay…(squeeeeeee!)…yes, I just squeed. My Pinch pots are really looking like pinch pots, no longer the heavy weapons of mass destruction, they use to look like when I was younger. My teacher is awesome, she is so patient and there are only three new students in the class, so she has time to help us out too, and work around the room. Even my coiled pots are looking good. And nothing I have made so far is being demoted to “ashtray” or “coin receptacle” quality. They actually look good. I love Clay; this was just what I needed. I am actually looking forward to go to school today, because of yesterday; I’m no longer resentful of other people. That’s just creepy.

Why is that as I’ve gotten older, my hands have become far more controlled. Like in high school my senior year, I picked up knitting from Aubrey, and bam, I’m make all kinds of stuff, and they look good. I was so young when my mom taught me how to knit and I was terrible then, but now. Weird. I haven’t done any jewelry for a while and I really miss that, but dad made mom and I clean it all up and move to a place I can’t easily get to. But I like what I’m doing for now. So yeah, thoughts I should write something that was really happy for once. Squeeeeeeeeee! What a strange and interesting word.

P.S. Isn't this userpic, funny, I was bored and created it a long time ago. Happness shall associate with it.
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