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The French and every other Politician

Why can't the French as a whole speak slowly or at lest in English. I mean come on your in this fucking country speak the god damn language. Continuing on, I've gone back to La Chatelaine, please kill me now. Having this time off has allowed me to think and watch a great deal of political commercials. When I say watch I mean, DVR the show that I want then, fast forward through them while making up funny political issues. Like who would look better on the next months cover of Boy's Life; Mark Foley or George W. Bush. Couldn't you see it now a photo of one of them or better yet both of them and a caption that read, "Lend us your rear." Sounds sort of poetic doesn’t it? I'm tired of this shite. I’m not even reading the newspapers, listening to the radio, or watching the news on TV. All I have to do is wake up in this house and everyone is bitching about some sort of scandal or another. I’m not saying I know how to change this because I don’t, what needs to happen though, is that we need to set up safety clauses for the public not the politicians. They can’t get out of jail free, and that includes you George W. you will one day have to reap what you sowed.

All right my anger is flushed for now. So yeah, I digress, I went back to work at La Chatelaine, Josh, I’m not sure the name we thought was Val’s in French, is really it. He told me something else, but I can’t remember for the life of me. Which means my life is pretty worthless, unless you count all the money I’ve spent for school, and then it’s a couple thousand. Working there is like taking the worst job you have ever had, multiply that experience by a thousand and add in hundreds of hours of crying, and going back the next day to do it all over again. While all of this is going on, on the inside, I still have to be a competent worker and a nice person. Other than that, not much is going on.
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