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It's been a long time since I have updated, this is a quickie. In school this quarter, chem 172 the second in the series, pretty intense. Learning a lot. Tired, some new meds. Dealing with the Shit of the states stolen data, and now protecting from identity theft. Grandma sold the house, gave us ~$23,000.00 so minus 2,000 for misc, 400 for adam's loan, and 3,000 for stadford loan. She however post dated the check, which mom did not notice until I looked at it today. Grandma is just making more hoops. I bet by the time we get a replacement check, the account will be emptied. That would be something she would do. Haven't been working, so going alittle crazy. Everyone is back from the wedding and adam is also back from boston. I'm just here, finished my midterm on monday, feeling better about it now. Kinda want to keep watching the first season of House M.D., damn Marie. Finishing up the second season of Supernatural, and almost done with Hex. Saw the lastest Harry Potter movie, very good, they really can't go wrong this series. Charlies' got some sort of skin irritation, i've got to get him into the groomers, hopfully this next week.
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