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The Crazy World of Parmerlee FreeLove

11 October 1984
A little bit about myself, hmmm. Well, as you can tell, I have a shit load of interests. I’m all over the place, I get into everything and I love everything.

I am a person who loves life, and takes whatever the fuck is thrown at them and keeps moving on. There is no "system of points" in life, for all the shit and pain, joys and good deeds, you do or go through in life. It isn't then tabulated at the end, to see where you will go further on in the afterlife (if there is one who knows really), all of this is to depressing.

No!, the bloody "point" of life it is to live it to the fullest, our lives are a tiny spec, compared to everything else that has ever happened in this universe. My goal in life is to try and stand out become a little blip on the radar of the world, among all the other billions of people in this world. And that my comrads is worth the fucking ride of a lifetime. I hope to see you there, if not this lifetime, definitely the next.

*Also I am a college student at CSCC right now, working on an associate of science degree, and then moving to Alfred, New York in the middle of fucking no where, to study Ceramic engineering, then moving out of the US of A, to contiune on my journey. Think of it as a giant waiting room, and soon, the real fun begins, in the meantime look at one of the vast old magaiznes we have.