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I Forgot the best part...

I can't believe I forgot the best part of the blackout; all the fun with Ben was great. But what was really hilarious, was Val and Lenny. Lenny was watching a guy across the street, using a leaf blower, and thought he could use ours too, to get rid of the leaves on the patio. Our leaf blower ran on electricity, and the guy’s ran on gas, but still Lenny plugged ours in and was trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. All the while, Val and Ben are laughing their ass off, and saying: “What did you expect?”

You have to understand Lenny is the kind of guy who will give you a terribly exhausted sigh if you ask him for anything, even during a blackout. So this was great watching, I only saw through the window, because I was sweeping.

The best moment though involved Val. Somehow he got a hold of one of the propane torches we use to light the side grilles, and for crème brulée. He started lighting tea candles (little tiny tea candles in comparison to the torch) and all it did was blow them out, the torch was too strong. Instead, he brunt the tops of the wooden showcases I was working at. Then he felt compelled to try and cook hard rolls with the torch, he did, he did it so well, that the roll caught on fire and he tossed it out into the parking lot saying: “Watch out for flying French bombs!” Dear lord, this man must have been on amphetamines again.

Yeah I thought I should jot down that memory too. ~Sues~
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