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The New Hausfrau

Well, I am now the new domesticated Hausfrau. Fun. I say this because my mother is at the office now, my brother is in grad school, and my father is at work all the time (nothing new there). I have taken up the house cleaning, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, animal care/winter comfort, and scanning my brothers school books, for his computer reader.

I just came back from the store, and bought $75.29 worth of food. I now have a newfound respect for any stay at home parent. I say three cheers for them: “Hip-Hip Hooray! Hip-Hip Hooray! Hip-Hip Hooray!” Dear God, just 4 people, it so expensive, and that wasn’t even a real shopping, just the bare essentials before Thanksgiving. I don’t even want to see the Thanksgiving bill.

Is it like this for most people living in dorms or apartments, just having your money sucked out of your wallet?
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