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I’m tired of living with the constant monotony of wake up go to classes come home go to work and in the between times take care of the rents.

So fuck it, my father is saying that if I were to take off winter quarter, that’s my problem, but I better be making money in the future. Once he retires (soon) he’s not paying for school anymore. What a fucking selfish bastard. No he’ll pay for fucking law school and never finish the bar, so it would be fucking useful. Of course not, that’s to easy, he will however pay for Adam’s schooling, but when it comes to me, it’s got talk to your mother.

Well I did, she said I could take the quarter off, but I couldn’t stay in the house all day, I’ll get even more depressed. I said I wanted to take ceramic classes, because I don’t know if I really wanted to be a ceramic engineer anymore.

Instead I have found a happy medium, I will still go this god damn quarter, but on two conditions, 1.) I get to take my fucking yoga classes again. And 2.) I am taking a ceramic class at The Columbus Recreation & Parks Cultural Arts Center, in between my chem. And math classes on Thursdays.

I hope this works out otherwise; I’m applying for a different school, and leaving home. I’ve done two years, of nothing in the field I want yet, and I still have 6 more quarters before I’m done with this place and doing what I want to do.

Happy Fucking New Years Everyone, see you at Marie and Josh’s. And may the new year look brighter on my fucking bleak future.
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