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Finished Chem test

I just finished my chem test, I have no clue how I did. I think that this summer i'm going to repeat my courses from this quarter to bring up my grades. There is a honor greek socitey for 2 year colleges, that have asked me to join, because of my gpa, but if I keep it really high, I can get a few out of state scholarships. So since I don't feel all that comfortable, with my chem test (she only graded labs, tests, and nothing else. So my grade for the test could be better and for the class). I don't think all mind rpeating the courses, i'm not doing to hot in calc either. It maybe my fourth attempt at this chemistry class, but now I know I can make it all the way through, because I will have finished it once. All I have to do is just to come up with the money. I can do this. Wow a total 180 in moods here. Told ya I'd be feeling better. Only 2 1/2 wks-3wks left. Then 2wks vacation, then back to school. I will be living at peoples houses, to keep from going crazy, from year round schooling.
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