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The Interweb, School, and Living Free

Wow, I have certainly been out of the game for a while. I have different updates to make and they will be behind various lj cuts.

My Mom has been asking me recently about bloging and networking, which reminded me to check up on my stuff.

Facebook is doing a lot of crazy things now. And why on the left side column are there ads for things that I like. What tracking system are they using, does any one know?

I have also just gotten gmail because some group I joined wouldn't accept aol. I've just created a Flickr account, so I can start uploading pictures soon. It's empty right now.

Also I have finally been invited to join Raverly . It is this great knit and crochet community from all over the world, and it helps me keep track of all my; FO's, needles, stashes, patterns I design, selling to other members, and getting help from others on ideas and Patterns. This is also empty right now, I will have to work on it in a few days.

On to school news. I made it through spring 07 (one class), summer 07 (one class),and autumn 07 (two classes) without missing a single day. I haven't done this ever in life. Being so sickly made it difficult to do this. I took an incomplete in my humanities 113 in my autumn quarter, because I was barely hanging in there. I still have four papers to complete, which will be done soon. I took winter 08 quarter off, to do this and work on my health some more. Instead I've been knitting up a storm and catching up on my "Stories" evening tv shows. So I really need to find some other place to study than at the house.

All in all the Rice family is doing alright, there was a big scare in the fall about dad, his lower spine is bending to the left? side. His specialist was a F*$king idiot. So mom got him into the same spine and ect... doctor that we see for our fibromyalgia. The Doctor is great, I love her so much, dad actually went to law school with her older sister. The doctor is from "Jewish New York" she said this herself. So Dad being dad doesn't talk to people, she buffaloed him into talking, like I've never seen before. I said to her, "Your good." Her reply was something of a yiddish context. Just understand that even though I have maybe offended anyone I don't mean to. This is an amazing doctor, and I think very highly of her, she just fun too. I get dad set up with a new internist, the same one that I have now, who is also very good.

Dad was off work during this time, and if anyone remembers what he was like with his bone spurred foot, this was even worse, I hid from him most of the time to study. Then I would feel bad and look for him later and watch a movie, or go to a bookstore with him. If I can I'll scan a copy of his x-rays they are really interesting.

Adam now has graduated from college completely again. He got his first Masters in City and Regional Planning from OSU this last spring/summer graduation with marie and josh. Then he got his second Masters in Public Policy from The John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy at The Ohio State University this last summer/fall graduation. He went to Dresden, Germany for about two weeks to visit his friends from the sister college planing course he took two years back. He did many day trips all over germany and bordering countries. Brought me back postcards, I was happy. He now has to start searching for a job, I don't know where that will take him, but I know that I will miss him.

I feel a bit hindered from living at home for so long and going to community college and having Adam here too. But the conversations we've had, and the memories are amazing, these are years we never would have had if I didn't choose this track. It has really help to solidify our friendship.

Alright this is enough for now. I've got more family news soon about mom and her arm, but we won't know all the details until she goes to the doctors on Monday. News about finding my own insurance, and how all providers are bastards, and their networks are too. The neighbors tree breaking in the windstorm last night and smashing our trees, fence, and power-lines. Oh and concert style Guitar Hero 3, along with FO's.
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